Blairmore Holdings

Considering that Ian Cameron was involved in offshore tax crime for 30 years Blairmore Holdings is not likely to be his only company.

As offshore accounts are created to be untraceable by using numbered identities it is highly unlikely that a sophisticated operators’ assets would ever be traced.

If Ian Cameron only made £2m over 30 years he must have been extremely bad at his job,

I know several builders & contractors who own 200 + properties just from buying cheap.

I would estimate the profit from 30 years of offshore crime to be over £10 Billion.

The tag, “It’s All Legal” is a pretty duplicitous defence from a Law Maker.

As displayed by the transfer of all UK Taxpayer owned Sovereign assets to The Land Registry which was then “sold” to Rothchilds Bank over the Easter Parliament recess.

Cameron may have to resign but he has done his job well.

He destroyed the UK Real Economy & created a population of poor slaves for The City of London.

Just wait for the “we’re going to rob your bank accounts to save the UK” media dialogue.