The BBC’s New Charter 2016

 The survival skills of the BBC like their ability to create new creative programs goes back to the 60’s & 70’s. They are a bastion of self gratulating pseudo intellectual oxcam upper middle class bigots whose ability to create & spread the insanity of political correctness & disinformation around the world has succeeded in stopping the intellectual evolution of humanity in its tracks.

An insidious Crime Against Humanity, momentous treachery never to be forgotten.




The reason that the western nations have become more aware of their own War & Fraud criminals is because of the psychopath Globalists attempt to take over & destroy the Western nations themselves. Even the US propaganda machine the western Main Stream Media Liars do not want to destroy their own Real & Corporate economies. The psychotic insanity of the Bush/Clinton/Obama New World Order has been exposed. The Obama/Clintons are frantically trying to start a WW3 to cover up their decades of fraud. Their, not so covert, attack on Ukraine, Russia & Europe has turned their allies into enemies. Europe will unite with Russia against the USA if Europe is attacked. And the TTIP/refugee crisis/terror attacks were such an attack.


In the real world offshore accounts are a criminal enterprise protected by criminal states & criminal civil servants. They have given protection & power to the War, Fraud & terrorist dynasties & corporations who are wrecking the planet with mass murder for profit.