Blairmore Holdings

Considering that Ian Cameron was involved in offshore tax crime for 30 years Blairmore Holdings is not likely to be his only company.

As offshore accounts are created to be untraceable by using numbered identities it is highly unlikely that a sophisticated operators’ assets would ever be traced.

If Ian Cameron only made £2m over 30 years he must have been extremely bad at his job,

I know several builders & contractors who own 200 + properties just from buying cheap.

I would estimate the profit from 30 years of offshore crime to be over £10 Billion.

The tag, “It’s All Legal” is a pretty duplicitous defence from a Law Maker.

As displayed by the transfer of all UK Taxpayer owned Sovereign assets to The Land Registry which was then “sold” to Rothchilds Bank over the Easter Parliament recess.

Cameron may have to resign but he has done his job well.

He destroyed the UK Real Economy & created a population of poor slaves for The City of London.

Just wait for the “we’re going to rob your bank accounts to save the UK” media dialogue.

Moral Justice


Moral Justice

The Western Media refuse to accept that there is any such thing as Moral Justice.

They try to destroy people’s sense of morality, the difference between right and wrong.

They destroy the values of family life & try to create conflict between our cultures.

This is to weaken our resolve & distract us from their corporate criminality, Divide & Rule.

The Elite create their own laws to support their criminal activities.

The Law should be created by a consensus of knowledgeable honest people but now it is created by criminals who think that creating law to make their criminal acts legal actually makes them legal.

But it does not, it does not make anything legal and in fact they are now trying to create a completely new legal system with The Corporations giving themselves complete unfettered control of the world economy & world trade.

The banking system and the forces of Law and Order, even our secret services & army are part of this criminal empire. Paid mercenaries of the forces of evil.

Public Servants used to be under oath to uphold The Law for Queen and Country but now we have a Prime Minister who is working against UK Sovereignty, who is working against the country & who is working against our Queen.

And they are supported by the criminal banks and the criminal corporations for there is now no longer any form of Democracy and Justice, it is just an anarchic free for all, profit for the richest 1%.

These people get to sit at the world table of Justice and decide the future of humanity just because they are rich. But they are psychopath & sociopath criminals, how could they possibly make the right decisions for Humanity.

The power of this psychopath elite is effective because they will stop at nothing, they will kill anyone who gets in their way.

And The Banking Dynasties have their own mafia armies sent to kill or maim any dissenters. Alignments & allies are a necessary part of their evil empire building.

They attack us with covert “terrorist” attacks to manipulate us. And they attack the Middle East with mindless mass murder, to redraw the world map to their diseased requirements.

But are they really sadistic madmen with money or are they just megalomaniacs in an office somewhere with no contact with reality let alone front line fighting skills.

If this is so then Warfare is just a game of chess to them, with us as the pawns.

And yet our politicians have surrendered the Sovereignty of our countries to these beasts.

In their weakness, greed & stupidity they have fallen into a trap that the elite have orchestrated to take over the world with a Global Criminal Government.

But is War & Fraud a valid policy for the governments of the Western Societies in 2016?

Let alone a New World Order Global World Government.



Max Wolfe      31/03/2016


The Movement for Universal Democracy & Justice